Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My goals

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Well, might as well state them, just as everyone else has.

My three goals are as follows.

Goal 1: Finish this damned sucker that I started. I will finish this marathon

Goal 2: Finish under a time I'm capable of (3:30)

Goal 3: Finish under or around the time I believe I'm capable of (3:20)

From the outset, I've been training for a 3:20. My half marathon times of 1:34-1:36 suggest that I'm physically capable of doing that time. Of course, you can only know so much for race day. For me, the pace between the 3:20 and 3:30 are much different. The faster time will push me to my limit, I believe. The other time will also be challenging.

The things i've learned from all your blogs, from listening to running veterans are this. Trust your training. Keep to an even pace. Keep a disciplined mind.

And it helps that you get to run with you 40,000 new friends.


Arcane said...

The course is marked in miles and only every 5km. I'm not sure how useful those pace bands are going to be if they're in km. I've been trying to make some in excel but I can't get the font right.

Triseverance said...

I thought the course read that KM and Miles were marked. Not sure but worth checking out.

Anyway those times are well within your reach. Good luck Sunday Yumke.

LeahC said...

i think it's every 5K...might want to get a mile braclet as well.

good luck with your can do it! i know the feeling of being close to a goal. I don't know if I can do a 3:40....maybe...everything would have to be perfect though.

yumke said...

yeah, i figured i wouldn't be able to use them, i'll have to grab ones with miles on em at the expo.. (please tell me they'll have them there)

Thanks and good luck to you guys!

Sonia said...

Great goals! I'm sure you'll do awesome no matter what. It was the other way around at the Toronto Marathon (km/miles) and it really confused me as I trained in miles :S

Have fun in Chicago and good luck =)