Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Preventative measures

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It's cold season in Canada and i'm surrounded by sick people. At work, at least 4 co-workers are under the weather, poor JellyPepper is sick and my S.O. also has a cough. During Thanksgiving two weeks ago, my brother, mom and dad were getting over colds.

I figured I've played the risks too much and today, I bought Cold-FX, which is the wonder drug up here in the Great White North (see Macleans article). So many people I know swear by it. Forget orange juice or Vitamin C pills, this stuff supposedly works for "prevention and relief of colds and flu".. We'll see.

The drug, made with ginsing extracts works by "targeting the immune system to activate viral fighting Natural killer cells..."

In other words, take two a day and hope it gets you to Chicago without any sniffles or respiratory symptoms.


Arcane said...

I've got a huge bottle of the stuff that I bought from costco last year. i stopped using it when it started getting warm. I've been thinking lately of taken some, but I'm worried that the stuff inside has gotten moldy!

jellypepper said...

Does this stuff work? Somebody at work is telling me to go on it too.. though is it too late for poor me?

yumke said...

i think it works, or that's what i'm telling myself!