Saturday, November 25, 2006

The beach and back

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The last time I'd done more than 10 miles was in Chicago. Today, there was absolutely no excuse not to run a little long, with clear skies in the afternoon about about 6 degrees.

I ran out to the Beaches and back along Toronto's waterfront and aimed for the half marathon distance. Only encountered about five runners and maybe 30 cyclists, so I had pretty much the trail to myself. It was peaceful and my pace was pretty good. The only bad part is I felt a twinge in my lower left calf in the last 200 metres, as I'd upped the speed. Probably not a good idea. Finished 21.1K (13.1 miles) in about 1:50 with a pace of 5:12.

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Dave said...

I ran long yesterday too. It was just a great day out and I just didn't want to stop. I wish I would have pushed a little more - a half marathon distance would have been so easy to do... great job on the run!