Friday, November 03, 2006


Okay, sometimes, technology is great. Sometimes, it's useful. Sometimes, you wonder, why?

Not sure where to file this, but here's the scoop on this Sunday's New York Marathon. NBC will do a one-hour wrap show nationally. If you live in New York, a local station (NBC I think) will do a live show.. The rest of us will get one hours worth, after the race is over.

Enter technology. says it will offer live streams online for $4.99. There are cool bits. You can enter bib numbers and you can track people as they cross certain points. You can also watch the leaders, on demand. And, if you want to watch Lance Armstrong, you can do that too, all at this site.

Not to say that Lance's best days are behind him, but I'm sure he's more entertaining to watch in his element, fighting back on the Alps after falling, for instance.


Arcane said...

now that's neat! Im really curious to see how Lance will do

Rhea said...

What's your prediction on Lance's finishing time? My guess: 2:47:48.