Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sluggish, then not so sluggish

Catching up on my running log. I snuck in a 4K run before dinner on Friday, which was good, cause we went for yummy Indian food, which is tasty but very rich...

Yesterday was a classic lazy day. Got up, went to the market, hit the bakery ($16 in focaccia -- pictured -- and flatbreads), the butcher ($14 on a sheet of real bacon and a pork tenderloin), the cheesemonger ($4.25 for smoked gouda, a critical ingredient in my bacon sandwiches with honey-garlic dijon in between a focaccia bun.. best sandwich ever), and $5 for my favourite Portguese-style chicken... Food heaven let me tell ya. Caught up with old friends then settled for a night of DVD watching.

Which meant I was in bed by 3 and in no mood to run this morning. But dragged myself out there and did a slow 10K in about 53 minutes. My mileage is slowly climbing to where i'd like to keep it.

Running update
Weekly mileage: 45K (28 miles)
Time run: 3:36:48
Year to date: 2,307.5K (1,434 miles)


Anonymous said...

Close to 1500 miles! I is impressed : ) Your taste of foods, sounds interesting. Good luck in reaching your goals.


yumke said...

Yup, pretty surprising how many miles we can rack up in a year.. yup, i love my sandwiches, but can't stand the wonderbread variety

Anonymous said...

that bread looks amazing. are you going to the market again?