Sunday, March 18, 2007

Carbs, onions and sour cream... and bacon

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As usual, this running blog veers off course -- and into food right now. R requested that I include a pic with my latest blog and this was just about the only live photo I could come up with.

The above is my dinner. Perogies, with sauteed onions, strips of breakfast bacon (the real kind), with light sour cream and green onions. Carby bliss.

Since I wrote on Tuesday, I've had a good running week. On Wednesday, I ran 7K, followed by 6K on Thursday, a day off on Friday and 15K yesterday. Today, I finished off the week with 7.5K

Total for the week is 55K, an improvement from last week and a good signal that the running days are back. It's also the best mileage since last fall.. yikes.

Weekly mileage: 55K (34 miles)
Time run: 4:32:45
Year to date: 370K (230 miles)


Sonia said...


Congrats on the great running week!!

Anonymous said...

that looks amazing

Ryan said...

i LOVE pierogies. that looks so good. They are a great pre-race fuel. SWEET. Oh yeah, nice running, too!

yumke said...

I wishI had some more. It's delish, especially with the toppics...