Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting some speed back

Haven't done a true tempo run or actual speed work, but I'm getting more runs in at better paces. In fact, all runs this week had portions in which I turned it on a bit. Today was good and I feel more comfortable running harder. It's not as difficult as it was a few weeks ago, which signals that with the better mileage this month, I'm regaining some fitness. If I get the big long run this weekend plus a short one as well, I'll have my highest mileage since ... gasp... September. (Well, not nearly close to September, but all the months in between were pretty paltry.)

Which reminds me: oh my, my first race is creeping up. In fact, it's only 8 days away! Oh my lord, should I start reading about prepping for an 8K? I think some speed work is necessary this weekend. Any tips?

Oh, did 10.5K in just over 50 minutes.

Now I have to count all the miles I've put into my current pair of shoes. More on that next post.


Dave said...

I know what you mean about running harder becoming easier. I still have a ways to go to get back to where I was many months ago, and many miles/km to go to catch to where you are, but with the weather getting nicer it will be easier to do.

As for speedwork - heading to the track always seemed to help me - whether it was 400m or 800 meter repeats, they seemed to help.

Good luck on the race!

Sonia said...

Nice work!! Good luck on the race =)

yumke said...

Thanks guys... looking forward to racing.. nothing encourages to run faster than that, me thinks.