Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nice splits...

Just got back from after-race brunch with a bunch of running bloggers. It went according to plan. Didn't go full out but a bit faster than planned:

194 out of 1192 with chip time of 1:15:48 with these splits
1-5 miles: 39:31 39:03
5-10 miles: 36:45
Negative split of 2:46 2:19


Arcane said...

It was great to finally put a voice to a face and the blog. I think the 5 mile split is a gun time split so you have to account for the time it took you to cross the start line. Still a better than 2 minute negative split. Nice job!

yumke said...

hey fran, good meeting you too.. yeah, you're right about the gun time for the 5 mile split.. too good to be true as i didn't step it up until 10K mark..