Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot and muggy

I'm eight weeks into the program and this weekend called for yet another long run. I've done a 20 miler, a 21 miler last weekend and yesterday, another 20.

I had Friday off so I did a 11 aerobic run instead of an lactate threshold 6 miler. I started out early at 7 am and went to work. I put in strong miles, coming in at 1:43 for the half marathon mark. Miles 15 to 20 were tough: the heat was rising, I only brought one gel that I took after 9 miles (too late) and although I was stopping at fountains to retop the bottles, I needed to take walk breaks and did much of the last few miles at recovery.

Did the 20 miles in 2:41:34 with average pace of 5:01 ks or just over 8 min miles. Next weekend's long run is shorter at 15 but 12 will be at marathon pace. Should be interesting.

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Alexandra said...

It's not easy running in the heat and humidity! We have the heat here but that's about it! Good for you for pushing through!

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