Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Did my recovery run today of 6 miles. Really tried to keep it down, with my heart rate at around 140 bpm or lower. Even with the slower running, still felt a little tired.

I ran 10 miles on Monday with a pretty good pace of 4:44 Ks, then did 15 miles yesterday at around 5:03Ks (around 8 minute miles). Tomorrow's a 13 miler that I may do in two chunks, then I may do a short recovery run on Friday. That's because the key run is a 15 miler with 12 at marathon pace. This will be a true test of my ability to handle that pace.

The big recovery week can't come fast enough. I plan to run in San Francisco, but won't do the big mileage i've been doing. Between Sunday and Friday, I expect to hopefully log up to 30 miles. I'll be happy with one 10 miler and a few short ones. We'll be walking alot. I'll be back in Toronto for Saturday and Sunday when i'll ramp it up again to finish off the week with a longish run.


Arcane said...

Enjoy the vacation! Don't tackle those San Francisco hills. Those things look crazy.

Sonia said...

You deserve a break enjoy SF!

I would have loved to run when I was there but 1 month after my mono that was just not in the cards for me.