Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eating well, walking lots and price to pay later

Um, yeah, that's what we had for lunch yesterday. Mac and cheese -- we shared a classic American and a Garden one with veggies. Still feeling it. On the bright side, we're doing tonnes of walking,maybe more than 10K yesterday along with a 9K run in the morning. So sorta justified but not really. Packed in shopping, sight seeing and a comedy club last night.

Gonna head out for another run this morning. Shortened. Going to try my LT run tomorrow morning. Off to museums, Rockefeller Center, lunch and a night at the opera!

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Marlene said...


Man, I want to go the NY.

I'm sure all the walking (and running!) is putting a dent in the calories. Don't sweat it,you're on vaycay!