Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A snowy run

I woke up to snow and I wasn't that fazed. In fact, I was quite happy to put on the Yak-Trax for my run. I was planning to do 8 miles today in my attempt to build up my mileage in a more aggressive manner.

I wrote recently about how it's been hard to get my aerobic fitness back on track. Today may have been the answer I've been looking for. When you keep up your running, it's easy to fall out of optimal shape, but consistent running will get you back. I didn't run the 8 miles in the fastest of paces, in fact, I did it in 1:09, which is quite a bit slower than the 1 hour runs I've done in the summer.

Fact is, speed aside, my heart and lungs felt they could take the hour plus of running without stops, and that's the building block of an endurance run. In about 8 weeks, i'm going to be running the Around the Bay 30K road race, and my heart is set on running it faster than 2:15, which equals a 4:30 kilometres or 7:15 miles. That's quite a bit faster than the 5:20 pace I kept up today, but then again, I won't be wearing Yak-Trax on race day.

During my next run, I'm going to start throwing in some farklets. Time to play with speed.


Marlene said...

Glad to hear you're already noticing improvements in your endurance.

I can hardly comprehend your goal ATB pace, but I'm sure you'll kick butt!

yumke said...

Yeah, not so sure about overall fitness after today's run :) oh well, we'll see what happens after a few 40+ mile weeks