Sunday, February 01, 2009

Finally hit my target

Finally think I hit a good running week, topped off 34 miles with a 13 miler today. The weather was just perfect, sunny and warm for a February day. I now have two weeks to get my mileage just a tad higher cause I have to start ramping up for the Pfitzinger program, which peaks at 55 miles. In a 12-week program, I'm going to have to quickly build fitness.

My 13 miler didn't feel that great, I had to take plenty of walking breaks. Maybe I was a bit dehydrated or just lacked energy. Whatever it was, I'm sure I'll shake out of it in a few weeks.

The plan for the upcoming week is to again hit 35. I think now I want to aim at quality, which means an 8 miler or more on a weekday, maybe a pace run as part of a 5 miler and try to hit 20 miles for the weekday runs. For the weekend, I'll try my hand at a 14 miler.

At one point, the long runs are going to feel easier. Can't wait for that


Mark said...

It's good to be on target. What marathon are you aiming for?

yumke said...

I'm eyeing the Mississauga marathon, which is May 10. We'll see how things go.

Anonymous said...

your training is looking great! i re-started my running and i am eyeing the around the bay race, which is 30k. see you on the trails or at the races!