Monday, February 09, 2009

Start me up, why don't you?

Just wanted to run a few kilometres by myself, no pressure after yesterday's long run. Of course, at the 4K mark, a speedy runner goes by me. No problem, I kept my pace up, no need to run any faster cause he's gained on me.

Later, just before I was turning around at the halfway mark, another runner comes up past me and up the hill.

I finish the first 5K, then head up a steep grade and I gradually catch up to this guy about 300 metres after the top of the hill. I wave, and pass but seconds after I pass him, he ups the pace, literally bounding away from me with this pseudo sprint.

Geez, why does this happen to me all the time? Is this some sort of male dueling I've not heard of? I mean, I catch the guy over the course of a kilometre yet he decides to run away from me to 'show' me that he's fast? Whatever, I up the pace and within 30 seconds, he's run out of gas and I pass him strongly with a 4:34 kilometre. A little miffed that I had to
duel with him, I throw down a 4:36 and keep up my pace for the rest of the run. If he's going to eat my dust, he might as well watch me run far away from him.

A very dark and slippery 10K in 47:24


Mark said...

It is some type of duel. Same thing used to happen when I lived in the city and would run through the park. I also noticed I would always speed up when a woman was running. too?

yumke said...

Hm, won't dispute the speeding up when a woman is running. Sometimes. :)

Marky Mark said...

That's funny! But a bit risky with some ice still on the trails.