Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never passed

I was looking at some of my race splits when I came across some race details generated by the Toronto Marathon site. That was a nice little stat that says all that needs to be said about the last 12K of the marathon. I was never passed.

I didn't run a negative split. The first half included hills and led to a speedy first half. After the 11 mile mark, it was basically flat or uphill. The second half, after I caught up to the pacer, I slowed down to 4:38s for most of the rest of the race.

First half: 1:35:17
Second half: 1:37:05

The last 12K 56:41

The 30K split: 2:16:12 (gun time, I think).


Marlene said...

Passed by 0? Nice! Definitely worth celebrating.

The stats are really neat.

Marky Mark said...

That's a very cool feature and an even cooler real fact! So when are those race photos going to appear on marathonfoto???

mike w said...

I passed 112 and was PASSED BY ONE?

Who was that runner!? I don't remember being passed!

But the fact that there were so many positive splits says a lot about how grueling that last third was for many people.

yumke said...

No photos yet, I assume Marathonfoto guys are gearing up for MCM this weekend.

Mike, great job on you passing so many runners.