Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tuning up

With 10 more days until marathon day, I headed to the track tonight to do my last Vo2 Max workout. I've done quite a few of these over the years using the Pfitzinger program, a 3x1600 or three, one mile repeats.

A 4K warmup to the track and I did the three repeats. I do these at 5K speed so I aimed at 6:26 miles (a 20 minute 5K)

Here are the splits

1. 6:19 176 bpm average (185 max)
2. 6:26 180 bpm average (186 max)
3. 6:26 180 bpm average (189 max)

These aren't my fastest 3x1600, I've done them in 6:14 in previous years. Yet, I'm happy with the time. I never really struggled through the laps and I feel like I could have gone faster. I had to do a lot of weaving tonight as runners were taking the inside lane, but I concentrated on constant pace without it feeling too hard.


Marlene said...

Nice repeats!

Down to single digits now. Hubby and I were talking about you last night (is that weird? haha! I think I've mentioned before that he stalks your blog) and we are both really ulling for you next weekend. You're going to have a great marathon!

Down to single digits now!

Marlene said...