Sunday, October 11, 2009

There's fuel, then there's fuel

Stocked up on some carbs and race-day fuel today, and was a little shocked that my purchase of a pair of socks and a bunch of GU gels and chomps put me back more than $50.

For about $10, I bought some fresh made pasta and sauce, which means let the pasta eating week begin!

Back to the fuels, I've finally found the fuel for me -- GU gels digest the best for me and do not cause as much problems as others. The main problem is that I find others a little too hard to gulp down. I've used GU through the summer, mostly one or two during a long run.

Today, I saw that the store had stocked up on the Roctane gels, which are especially made for long distance, marathons or more. There's a huge difference in the nutritional components. I'm going to try one during my 13 miler tomorrow.


Arcane said...

one more week! Looking like good weather for next Sunday. I'm shocked at how expensive the roctaine's are.

Marlene said...

Mmmm, carbs!

Gu is my personal favourite as well. Haven't tried the Roctaine, mainly because I don't like the flavours available right now.

Hope they work out well for you. Have a great run this morning.

One week to go!

Marky Mark said...

I also go for Gu althuogh when I'm really sweaty I have trouble opening the package.

So the lakeshore part of next week is right on the Goodman trail rather than on Lakshore as in Scotia? Should be anice change.