Friday, April 16, 2010

First day in Boston

This is my second time in the city, the first on marathon weekend. I knew it'd be different, And even though most of the runners have not made it into town, you get a sense that something changes around there on this weekend.

Everywhere we went, i was spotting runners, those who were looking lean or fit or there was some slight quirk like the type of running shoes they were wearing. You could just tell.

And the jacket. I have seen Boston jackets but not in these numbers. It's like a freaking varsity letter (that what you call it?) that I felt a little odd in my Chicago 2006 jacket.

More to write I'm sure but I have been taking pictures and tweeting out little updates and pictures at

Random thoughts though
-expo is insane and I've been to other mega marathon expos. Running royalty everywhere, for instance I saw Bart Yasso, Katherine Switzer and Joan Benoit Samuelson within 20 feet of each other
-cannolis at Mike's Pastry was awesome
-picking up the bib was a cool 2 minutes
-I can't stop buying gear. Help me

Location:Devonshire St,Boston,United States


Pete Mac said...

Enjoy the weekend and have a great race!

Marky Mark said...

OK my friends say this is the hot new ice cream chain so check it out post-race:

I think you can justify this flavour as a recovery food and also pay tribute to the Red Sox:

"Green Monster Tea - Opening Day is coming! This ice cream pops with green tea flavor - and is loaded with natural antioxidants."

Lee said...

I think I need another cannoli.

yumke said...

Thanks!I love green tea ice cream. This is going to be dangerous. Yes to another cannoli