Friday, April 16, 2010


It is pretty amazing what stuff you need for a race, but I guess when you are travelling hundreds of miles to run another 26.2, you can never under prepare.

In fact, I am for some reason on a really early flight, made only feeling normal because I usually rise pretty early for work. Luckily, I also live a 10 minute walk to the airport. Anyways, means I have about 7 hours to finish packing.

The folks at the RW Boston forum have helpfully shared lists for the um, obsessive minded on what to pack for a race.

So yes, garage bags, disposable clothing and other essentials you do not want to forget (ie. Garmin) are all crammed into my little suitcase.

This aint the end of my blogging, in fact, with my iPhone I will be sending tweets and pictures and some blog posts when I am killing time in between the touring madness. Expect pictures from the expo, from around Boston and then I hope to have the patience to share images from marathon Monday.

On Monday, the Boston Marathon site should have live results, you can track me here with bib number 6277 and will have live streaming. On TV, I know TSN will do three hours of live coverage at 9:30 a.m. (no, there is no way you will see me. :)


Marky Mark said...

I also think of Boston as the "city of ice cream" with many devotees even in winter, so make sure you go to one (or more) of the best places while you're there...after the race.

Boris T said...

Good luck out in Boston! And most importanly enjoy it!