Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marathon is that easy huh...

I was going to write my Mississauga Marathon race report tonight, even got my splits down and ready but too tired. Maybe it is because I decided to run TWICE today, for a total of 10 miles. It was that nice out. I just needed also to get out their and run. I feel an inherent need and two days of post-marathon recovery was just enough to get me dying to get out there again.

Speaking of running, yesterday it was a little disgusting to watch The Biggest Loser again try to hype up the marathon. I wrote about this last year.

First things first, you do not go from zero to marathon. It is plain stupid and dangerous. Second, I got so angry when those trainers blasted Daris for gaining weight during training. It led me to believe they know how to get fit, but not how to train for long distances. A long distance runner is a different breed and I hate to think that millions of tv viewers can think they can plunge into that aspect of our sport when a television program casually tosses people into that race.

Did you notice that most of the former TBL contestants who came out to run with the final four had mostly gained back significant weight.

Oh well. As I wrote last year:
My worry about this is not that it'll cause people to recklessly go into marathoning -- I think they depicted that distance as a monumental challenge, and one should know that to decide to run one is not a one month commitment. And I guess as a runner first and also as a marathoner, I say this. For me, marathoning is not just one of those 'to do' things on a life checklist.

Speaking of which, I still can not get over how Daris ran a 21 minute 5K when it looked like he was gong much slower...


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Oh..... where to start. I've always respected the distance of the marathon, and had an even greater appreciation after my DNF last year at Mississauga. I cannot tell you how irritated I get watching this every season now, how easy they make it look, how anyone can do it, yet I trained for more than a year, and yes, while I started out injured, and I would have had a better chance of finishing had I come into the race without pains to begin with, not everyone can do it. It still burns me every time.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

oh, and yes, you're so right about the marathon/weight gain thing..

Marlene said...

The Biggest Loser marathon episode frustrated me once again. They are giving America a very false impression about what it means to train for and complete a marathon. *grumble*

To answer your question, I had to order the salt caps online. Have not found them anywhere. The SaltStick website had reasonable (a few bucks) and quick shipping.

I hope to shop around when I'm in the states.