Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh, that's what I look like

Originally uploaded by yumkerun.
Pictures from the race are out... I dished out a whack of cash last year for pictures so i'm just doing a little screen grab of this years to make up. I do like the running pic (as opposed to finishing pics) cause I can actually see what I look like when i'm running. Since the sun is against my face, i think this was somewhere between 12 and 17 kilometre mark.

Did the first weekday morning run in awhile, 8K (5 miles).


Sonia said...

Looking good! =)

Wow I can't believe they also take your picture there! This is a great half or marathon to run, I'll consider it next year!

yumke said...

Yeah, they take a lot of pictures at hte race.. nice to see them..