Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sweet sweet taper, bad bad food

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Well, a friend from Calgary was in town, and it called for a boys night. Going into the night that promised junky food and alcohol, I thought it'd be a good idea to limit the intake of alcohol adn do the same with the bad food.

Good intentions. I downed five beers last night, and when we got to Wayne Gretzky's (the restaurant / bar), we proceeded to order the ultimate platter (use your imagination), four lbs of chicken wings, chicken strips, perogies, cheese bread.. oh my god it was so bad.. and i don't mean it's so bad it's good, it was just bad...

I did hydrate with water thoughout the night, i'll give myself that. So this morning, setting out on my 32K (20 mile) run. Jelly and I made tentative plans to bump into each other during our long run and we crossed path at the 5 mile mark. We went our separate ways and we met at my place so we could get water.

Anyways, we did about 7 miles together and it was a nice way to finish my last long run. By the way, it was the first time she'd done more than 16 miles!

Total time was 3:18:29.

This week isn't over, with a 10 miler left tomorrow, but with this run over with, the taper has begun. Next weekend will be 12 miles/4 miles, followed by 8 miles/4 miles the weekend after that. It's time for the body to heal.


Frankie said...

Good stuff. I'm so jealous...but guess my tapering will begin tomorrow as well after my solo 20-miler.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 20 miler, enjoy the taper.

Arcane said...

yummm! Greasy food! Funny how we treat 20 mile runs as just another training run these days. BTW, are the water fountains still turned on along the paths by the waterfront?

Sonia said...

Congrats on your last 20 miler!! I hope you'll enjoy taper! =)

I think we're all craving some "bad" food.... my post half marathon meal was a poutine with half a litre of wine!!! =)