Monday, January 29, 2007


There's one innovation I'm totally loving these days: the traffic countdown metre. The city has installed little countdown clocks at intersections that, when there's about 20 seconds to go, starts counting down to 0, in big, red letters. When I see them, and i'm in striking distance, I can shift gears so I'm at a near sprint to beat the light. Of course, the light still means that people have this weird belief that they can 'jog' across an intersection in 4 seconds (you can sprint it in four, and jog it in 8).

So at the end of my 5K, which finishes with me going downhill, I saw the number count down. I sped up to race speed, even past it, and make it to the other side as it ticked down to 0... more fun in the streets of Toronto...

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