Monday, January 15, 2007

Sucked into the vortex

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Had a tiring weekend. R and I went down to DC to find a place for her to live. We think we found a few and, fingers crossed, she'll get one of them... Needless to say, my running suffered as I didn't bring my running shoes -- not that we had time for a run or anything. We walked around a lot Sunday afternoon before the plane trip back to Toronto and there were tonnes of runners everywhere on The Mall and also near Dupont Circle where we were apartment hunting. The weather was so nice and warm. I think I will enjoy winter and spring running stateside.

Of course, the first major storm to hit Toronto arrived this morning. Coupled with a long day at work and the second two-hour showing of 24, I think i'm going to skip my run today and try to make it up the rest of the week. I will get back on track, I promise myself.

Last week's mileage:
Weekly mileage: 24 kilometres
Time run: 1:56:39
Year to date: 74K


Sonia said...

Did I miss one of your post or are you moving to DC???? I'm confused.... I know you decided to take a new job but you never said where it was... I guess I assumed it was in Toronto!!

Well I'm off to watch 24 Season Premiere... I know you'll get back into the running mood easily!!

Triseverance said...

Hey I was wondering the same thing? A light week is always good for the soul.

yumke said...

Hey guys.. nope, not moving to DC but will be visiting there often as my girlfriend is headed there.. will be spending lots of weekends finding running trails..