Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nice start

After thinking about doing a medium long run this week, I did it this morning. Instead of tackling the lonely waterfront, I picked a nice city route. Something about running among people makes me more occupied and makes a long run easier.

I did 17K in 1:25, my first 10 miler in a very long time. My weekly mileage is finally getting near the 30 mile mark. In fact, the last time I had mileage near this week's, it was in late November, and the last time I had more was before the marathon.. Time to get back at it...

Weekly mileage
Mileage: 48K (30 miles)
Time run: 4:14:53
Year to date: 48K (30 miles)


Ryan said...

Way to go, Yumke! 48k is a sweet start to '07.

Sonia said...

Nice 10 miler!! Great job =)

Triseverance said...

Nice job at getting back into it, I hope the weather keeps treating me well, I have been able to avoid the dreadmill so far.