Sunday, January 21, 2007

Icy run

Did a waterfront out and back, and i'd say that 80% of the run was on snow, or snow turning into ice or just flat out ice. Slower pace meant it felt good the entire run and for the first time, I took out my iPod Nano loaded up with NPR, BBC and other radio goodness.

Did 17.4K in 1:37. My weekly mileage is pretty crappy right now, but I was able to get in three quality runs at least.

Weekly mileage: 35.5K (22 miles)
Time run: 3:05:48
Year to date: 109.5K (68 miles)


Sonia said...

Better to run slow in these conditions! Do you have those grip things to put on your shoes? They are really awesome!

Just read back your post about Washington, hope the separation is not too bad.

Happy running

Ryan said...

Great job to endure the icy conditions. This commitment will pay great dividends come springtime when the weather breaks to warmth.

Arcane said...

I was wondering if they clear the waterfront trail during the winter time. I guess that they don't.

yumke said...

I need those Yak Trax if I recall that's waht they're called.. it's really tough to run on snow that's on top of snow/ice. Oh well, it'll be great...

I'm really looking forward to DC running.. will be warmer for sure (or at least I hope)