Friday, January 05, 2007

Global warming

Apparently, most of Canada was above zero degrees. Which leads me to think, is this global warming. I've read so much about the issue, and it's gone from the fringes on to the mainstream. Whodathunkit, but it's everywhere. Al Gore is not the only politician (or former, in his case) who is sounding the alarm. Witness the Stern report for Tony Blair that warned of catestrophe if we didn't act now. Witness the rise of the environment in Canada, with the likes of the Green Party's Elizabeth May on verge of prominence, or of outsider Stephane Dion, who became the leader of Canada's 'natural governing party' largely on an environmental platform.

Then look outside. It's 11 degrees today and part of me, like others, say, damn, this is great. Yes, there are short term benefits to warming weather (I know, this is El Nino, not necessarily global warming), like good weather, longer growing season. But there are also bad things, like perhaps tricking the trees that it's already spring.

Or for this runner, who kinda wishes for a nice fluffy snowfall, so when I run at night, my path is illuminated by the reflection of the moon on a white-blanketed park, or on a trail on a crisp cold blue sky weekend morning, when I see my breath and it's fresh, and I don't sweat a bit cause it's just too darn cold.

Or just perhaps because I'm Canadian and winter's a part of my makeup, my national identity. I know, careful what I wish for.

Running update. Did 5K on Wednesday, took yesterday off, and did a very nice 10K city route after work today.


Dave said...

I'm with you. I need snow and am missing it. The warmer weather has been kind of nice, but I'd actually like to have distinct seasons... I guess it's the Upstate New Yorker in me... oh how I miss the lake effect snow...

Anonymous said...

yeah. i miss the snow as well.