Friday, March 30, 2007


So I'm sitting in the airport -- my flight's been delayed. In fact, I'm not even sure it'll get here so I can get to DC. I'm eyeing the inactive flat sidewalk escalator beside my gate that's about 50 metres long. Now if only I can put on my running clothes, turn on that escalator to high speed and get a nice run in.. Just killing time.

I'm hoping to get in a long run tomorrow morning, but now I may only just hope for a short one -- maybe a 5K tempo around the Mall. If I get there, of course.


jellypepper said...

freeeeking A/C huh? hope you got there!

Sonia said...

Ah that sucks! You could suggest the treadmill/escalator to the airport management! ;-)

yumke said...

Yep, did get here.. 3.5 hours later.. weather is nice, about 10 degrees and no wind.. perfect for a run.