Sunday, April 01, 2007

Going loopy

Woo hoo, another good running week in the books. I missed a planned run yesterday as R. and another friend and I went to the IKEA at College Park. What we thought would be three hours actually took about 8, so we were wiped by the end of the day and opted for beer and food instead of me taking off on a 10K.

This morning, it was a nice 9 degrees and cloudy. Which, for me, is perfect weather. Went out there in shorts, a sleeveless top and went to work. I did two loops of the Mall for about 14.5K. I realized that there was a 10 miler race (Cherry Blossom) winding its way near the Lincoln Memorial. Damn, I could have done that one!

My first race of the year finally coming next Saturday, well after the rest of the running blogosphere has gone out there. I'm feeling fairly good after having done three 50K weeks in the past month. The mileage will continue to creep up as the mornings get brighter and warmer.

Weekly mileage: 51.5K
Year to date: 451.5K.


Arcane said...

Good to see you made it to D.C. For a second there I thought you were talking about the College Park in Toronto and I was wondering how the heck did they fit an Ikea in College Park?

jellypepper said...

lol! i thought the same thing (college park).