Sunday, April 15, 2007


I knew going into this morning that DC was going to get rain -- lots of it. I ran 21K yesterday, so I was a little satisfied that I got a good long run in, but I couldn't finish the weekend without another run.

The choices were clear. R's condo training room, where there are a few treadmills and no one really uses it. Second was her gym. Third was outside in the pouring rain.

Now I hate gyms, or rather, I hate running in one place beside other people who are possibly more fit than I. I think it's the running in one place that irks me the most. The whole reason why I love my out and back routes is that it leaves you no choice but to run home...

So out I went, with rain jacket, long pants, and the old shoes one last time (yes, I took it out of retirement for a final reprise) and we went out there. The Garmin withstood the pouring rain, and my hat, face, jacket, pants, socks, shoes were all soaked within the first 500 metres. The rest was fun, painful and very wet. At first, I hopped over little puddles in the Mall, then as I was going up the hill to the Washington Monument, with every step, my feet were getting wet.

I saw exactly 5 other runners. A group of four girls running at a good pace, probably college students/runners. And another lone runner on my way back from Lincoln Memorial.

It was fun, I was soaked and quite a sight. Dripping, I was, in R's lobby, R's hallway, R's elevator, R's doorway, and R's kitchen.

Boy it was a fun choice. Must do again.

Weekly mileage: 41K
Year to date: 526.5K

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Sonia said...

Running is the rain, when it's kinda warm and you feel like it is great! When you've been doing it for a week you get very tired about it!!! (Anyway I was!)