Sunday, April 22, 2007

Signs of life

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...This is one of my flower pots on my balcony. Last fall, I didn't throw out the old plants, but as you can see, the greenery (chives, actually) have come back to life. Alive, green ones beside dead, white ones.

To stretch that, I feel like the running is coming back. Yesterday, I threw down a nice 23K run along the waterfront, then into the city. Kept a decent pace and was able to get it done in just under two hours.

Today, set out to do an easy 12K in my summer running gear and it was fine. The runners were out there in full force, the walkers and cyclists were also populating the path. I felt good and strong. I picked it up the last 5K and, as I past the Army Cadets who were marching and playing some old march song, it was just so weird that my stride matched the drum beats.

That is to say that this runner is back (well, I never really stopped) in a big way.

Weekly mileage: 60.5K
Year to date: 587K


Anonymous said...

nice chives. wot about the arugula??

Ryan said...

Tough for me to keep up with the metric conversions, but... "Yesterday, I threw down a nice 23K run along the waterfront, then into the city."... this sounds pretty sweet, maybe around 13.5M? Kick ass... keep plugging. Are you doing Chicago?

Sonia said...

You never stopped, in fact your "low" mileage is high for lots of people!!! I never cleaned my old plants too.. they spent the winter on the balcony but unfortunately none came back to life!

yumke said...

Thanks R., no arugula this year. unless you buy me some

Ryan, yep, i'm happy to be back on the trails. Unfortunately, no chicago for me this year, although I will do it again, maybe next year. I'm setting my sights on the Marine Corp. Marathon...

I guess I never really stopped running, Sonia, but with your mileage, for example, makes me feel like i've been lazy.. good to be back, though.