Thursday, April 19, 2007

The perfect running day

13 degrees. Sunny. No wind.

Got home at 6:30 and went out for a 15K run on the waterfront. At the 5K mark, a runner caught up to me and asked if I wouldn't mind company. I said no, then we chatted (or, rather, he talked while I caught my breath). He told me about the 100K race he was running in a few weeks and the six marathons he's run and the 3:12 PB he can't break.

At the halfway mark, we parted ways, and I ran back, held a good steady pace for a 1:14 and change for a sub 5-minute km pace...

With the 10K run a few days ago, I'm on target for a 50K week.. lets hope.


Sonia said...

I think we can really say that spring is here.... unless we have another unexpected snowstorm!!

Good job increasing your mileage!

yumke said...

Yup, it's here.. weather was amazing this weekendg