Saturday, May 19, 2007

Catching up...

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... these are my good friends Lori and Tim in a picture taken this afternoon. I'm putting this up to see how many days it'll take for one of my friends to see i've posted this... also cause Lori hasn't joined facebook so it's my new mission to get her online through this blog post.

The title of this post is 'catching up,' and that's what I did a little of today. My running has been, shall we say, sporadic so far this year. In fact, I haven't done any mileage updates, which i'll do at the end of this post. I've done a bunch of long runs over the past two months, with a 23K run probably in the last month.

Today was perfect Toronto running weather: cool and sunny. I set out to run one of my favourite routes to the Beaches. Basically, the Beaches is a very nice part of Toronto, with volleyball courts, a long boardwalk, a pool, tennis courts, skating rinks (lacrosse in the summer), lawn bowling, kite flying -- you get the point. But, to get to that 2K stretch, I have to run about 9K through a lot of industrial land... which for this runner means a lot of time on the road without another runner in sight. I love that.

So today, I ran a half-marathon distance (21.1K, 13.1 miles) in 1:51, with 5:17 K splits. The whole run felt nice and easy, just giving my legs and heart just enough of a workout to feel tired, but not exhausted... Next time I do the distance, want to push the time down to 1:45.

After, we gathered for a friend's baby shower where we did more catching up... Ah, spring's here but it already feels like summer.

Running recap
Weekly mileage (April 29): 33K in three runs (2:42 running time)
Weekly mileage (May 6): 38K in four runs, including race (2:56 running time)
Weekly mileage (May 13): 48K in five runs (4:02 running time)
Year to date: 697K


jellypepper said...

am i excused from facebook because i have a blog? awesome.

Arcane said...

I usually start at Cherry Beach and run west. I've never really ran east mostly because the industrial area seems out of place and you have to run on the road. I suppose if I'm going to do scotiabank that I should explore the east end of the course a bit to get comfortable with it.

yumke said...

jelly, yes you are excused... :)

fran, the route from cherry beach to the beaches is pretty nice... you should try it..

Anonymous said...

woah, your blog has exploded!!!!