Thursday, May 03, 2007

Need for speed

Lately, I've been pushing the pace just a bit more so I can prepare for the real race feeling. The weather has a lot to do with it and it also feels good to run fast. Speaking of which, R. ran a race in DC and did a 5K in an amazing 26 minutes and change. That's fast! I've always told her she could be a speedy one.

I did a 7K run on a mostly flat trail after work. Here are the splits

1K: 4:35 (yeah! running is fun! I wish all my (runs started like this)
2K: 4:31 (cruising)
3K 4:30 (pushing it)
4K: 5:11 (cool down at turnaround)
5K: 4:55 (um, still, er, cooling down)
6K 4:30 (back on for a kilometre)
Last 800 metres: 4:45/K pace (easing up a bit)

Anyways a 5K in 23:44 in non-race conditions makes me pretty happy.

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Arcane said...

Nice pace with the run. Good luck with the race this Sunday!