Saturday, May 12, 2007

Landmark run

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Feeling smarter after yesterday's midafternoon run in the heat, I was out there by 8 a.m. with 19 degree weather and cloud cover: perfect running weather.

I'm liking my runs in DC. They bring me past the national buildings... Take this route: Start at the FBI building and beside the Ford Theatre, run to the Mall, hitting Penn Ave., which has slight-lines of the White House to Capitol Hill. Across the Mall, up the National Monument to Lincoln Memorial, then up to Arlington cemetery, then, weirdly enough, right to the edge of National Airport, where a plane takes off overhead every few minutes. Then across the bridge to the Jefferson Memorial, etc..

As a Canadian, I do understand the significance of all these landmarks... But still, i'm not from here, so I don't really connect emotionally. Then again, locals use the mall to play soccer, frisbee or touch football. I guess these landmarks just fade into the scenery...

19K in 1:41

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