Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thunder! nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah.. Thunder!

... Ah, AC/DC.. the voltage was high flying after work today, and I could spot the lightning in the clouds as I got in the bus for home.

Damn, no run today.

But, when I got home, the clouds lifted, and instead of settling in for couch potato type activities, I threw on the running gear, warmed up the GPS and set out for a 5K run. At the mid-way point, I heard the thunder and saw flashes. I turned back and, during the last 5 minutes, drizzle turned to rain turned to wind and rain turned into a full out spring storm.

Kinda felt like racing against the storm..


Arcane said...

Do you know if they've turned on the water fountains down by the lake yet?

yumke said...

Haven't checked.. will do today or tomorrow if I run by them.. which ones tdo you hit?

Sonia said...

I love this song! It was quite the storm here too! Good for you for going anyway! =)

Arcane said...

Thanks. I usually stop at the one beside the baseball diamond in the park across from the princess gates and usually the one right before the humber bridge. But I figure if they've turned one on, they've turned them all on.

yumke said...

Yeah, they are all on..

Sonia, it's the perfect running song, me thinks.