Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best made plans...

Okay, scrap my workout plan. Today was supposed to be the LT run (11 with 6 at LT pace) but as it turns out, I only felt like doing 5 miles (in place of the 6 miles asked by Pfitz. Then I realized there's a way to fit in the dreaded LT run in a perfect setting -- a race.

Here goes the new schedule that will adhere to the 54 mile week.

Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 12 miles
Thursday: 6 miles with strides
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11 miles / 6 LT: Same day as 15K race. Will do 2K warmup, then do the first 5K of the race in slower than marathon pace then the last 10K at half marathon pace.
Sunday: 20 miler. If it's a cool day, I will do this in late afternoon so I get almost a full day's recovery after the LT run. Will start off slow and keep it easy to avoid injury.


Sonia said...

Hope the 12 miler went well, it wasn't too hot today.

Dave said...

I had a similar "problem" during my LT run last week, but I am hoping mine was due to the miserable heat and humidity I found at 5:00am! I had nothing left in me to complete the miles... I am sounding like a broken record... Good luck this weekend with the LT run and the 20 miler. It's supposed ot be cooler this weekend (well, here anyway).

yumke said...

It was great, sonia, thanks. and it's cool too.

Thanks Dave, it worked out quite well..