Saturday, August 04, 2007

Recovery week almost over

I'm loving this week. I haven't stopped running. On Tuesday, did an 8 miler with strides, then on Wednesday, a 5 mile recovery run, followed by a general aerobic run on Thursday (8 miles).

It's been hot hot hot the past four days, but the weather broke today -- much less humidity and it's cooler. Nice even. Did my 4 mile recovery run. Tomorrow, it's a 12 miler (yeah, only) then it brings the end to my first six weeks of training and ending the first Mesocycle.

The next five weeks or so will have me doing more LT runs (including a 5 mile as part of a 10 mile run on Tuesday), a few longer marathon pacers, my first VO2 max workout and a few 20 milers... It will be a tough 5 weeks but i'm looking forward to the challenge...


Dave said...

Ah yes, that was a nice week. Next week is a tough one, but I am sure you'll have no problems.

Sonia said...

Great job so far!! You're doing so well, good luck on the big week