Thursday, November 22, 2007

And the ground turns to fluff

It snowed today, not the big snow that they had promised, but a relatively light dusting. I was working late tonight so I went for a run after work before dinner. I set out without a Garmin and did a square route around the neighbourhood. I wasn't really sure how far it was, but I figured it was more than 5K.

I love running in the snow and this snow was perfect. Ever run in carpeted floor with corking below the carpet? It felt like that. Perfectly bouncy.

The run, scarily enough, was EXACTLY 4 miles (6.4K). Hopefully I'll get another one in before work tomorrow. A pic I took of the snow on my way back to work tonight.


Darrell said...

Looks like fun. Hard for a transplanted Ohioan in California to remember.

Sonia said...

I am so happy we have no snow in Windsor yet! I sure don't miss that!

Sonia said...

I forgot... you've been tagged!