Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Escape to the run

Work is crazy busy these days, so much so that I don't have much time to do much else than commute and work.

Yesterday, I did a 6 miler before work, getting out there by 5:15 a.m. on little more than 4 hours of sleep. I figured that I would either feel tired and crappy or, crazily enough, find energy from a run. Well, it worked. I decided to actually use my Ipod Shuffle for once and plugged in Steve Runner's Phedippidations (awesome podcast) and catch up on some old episodes. I replayed one episode on Terry Fox (#46)and was totally inspired that I added an extra bit to my run.

Oh, and this is one of the views I get treated to on beautiful mornings. This is across the street from my condo.

Today, I got home at 7:30 p.m. and instead of eating dinner and crashing on the couch, I felt a lot of pent up stress so I figured a nice run would set things right. It's warm tonight and I set out and it felt perfect after 50 metres. No music, no radio, just me and the dark. The wind was light and I felt like extending the run, so what started as a 5 miler turned into a 6, then a bit more. Finished 8 miles (13K) in 1:06, was in the door by 9 p.m. and had a late dinner. It's 2.5 hours later and time for bed but that run was well worth it. A nice escape from all that stress.

Plan to be out there again tomorrow morning in about 6 hours.


Triseverance said...

Sounds like you are finding joy in your running right now. That is a great thing, ride that for a while.

Sonia said...

I am so jealous!! There is something very serene about running in the dark when nobody's out.

Darrell said...

great view.

yumke said...

Yep, i'm enjoying it. I'm on the verge of leaving the garmin at home.. but only that it's a good night light in the dark and I could use the watch!