Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sliding into the weekend...

Catching up on the running cause the week is moving fast. Did a 3.1 miler (5K) on Thursday night and really poured it on in the last two kilometres after an easy start, for about a 24 minute 5K. It was windy and cold and I'm realizing I have to get ready for the winter weather ahead.

At the last minute, decided to hop on a plane to DC to visit R this weekend. We set out on a run on a beautiful day and it was perfect. Chilly but sunny. We did her favourite route of the moment, one I mapped out for her a little while ago that takes you from Penn Quarter in DC, past the Lincoln Memorial, into Virginia and around parkland and riverside, then back to DC and the Jefferson Memorial and past the Monument back to DC. Kinda monumental run. We did about 5.5 miles (9.5K) in just under an hour.

We went out to a yummy pizza joint, Matchbox, for lunch.

Started out with beer! I had the Allagash White while she had Yeungling.
That was followed by one of the day's specials. We split three 'sliders', or tuna burgers. It was so delish. They used real tuna and the patties were made up of sashimi quality tuna cubes, barely cooked so it melted in your mouth. They also do mini burgers that are very popular.
I had the fresh portabella: sliced portabella / marinated artichoke / fresh garlic purée / extra virgin olive oil / mozzarella
She had the oven-dried tomato and fresh buffalo mozzarella: zesty tomato sauce / fresh basil

Love that pizza. As good as Terroni's back home. We brought half of our pizzas home. A run and yummy food. Perfect start to a weekend.


Darrell said...

You know all the good pizza places.

Marky Mark said...

Wow that stuff looks amazing!

yumke said...

Yeah, the leftovers were amazing too!