Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where was I?

Oh yeah, running. Past few days have been a blur. In fact, my vision is slightly blurry, or should be, after staring at a computer screen for most of the past five days. It's been the busiest work week of the year, so I'm pretty lucky to have gotten in some running. For example, today, before work, I got in a 5.7K run from my hotel, doing a out-and-back on snowy and icy sidewalks. After I took a break at my hotel, I did another run in the late afternoon to give me a total of 10.4K on the day, about 6.5 miles.

So I put in 20 miles this week. Not a whole lot, but I'm very impressed I was able to fit them in. I was tired as hell, but the runs help me de-stress and escape the work.

Weekly mileage: 20 miles (32K)
Year to date: 1527 miles (2,443K)

Oh, the work I was mentioning? The website I work for just launched a major redesign (which I've never written about here for purely competitive reasons). Here it is, in all its shiny glory. We're all very proud of the work we've done.


jellypepper said...

congrats on the redesign! it looks very clean. i may just have switch my homepage. i said MAY.

wayfool said...

just discovered your blog through Ryan. loved your MCM race report. Looks like you can do those mile/Km conversions in your head now.

A Deal Or No Deal said...

I don't know why more newspaper websites don't look like the newspaper. That looks really good.

yumke said...

Hey thanks guys. Still reeling from work hangover, taking a few days off and hope to get back out there.