Thursday, June 05, 2008

10 straight days

I was just thinking of the last time I took a rest day. And in fact, since I ran Monday (my one scheduled rest day) I have now run in the past 10 days. That's about 88 miles in that span.

Surprisingly, my legs are holding up great. I've been doing my runs at a decent pace, sometimes a little faster than 8 minute miles. Recovery, i'm trying to behave and do them slow. My runs this week have been great. I did a 12 miler on Monday after work. The sun was still up so I ran to Leslie Street Spit. Did the run in just over 1:32 for an average pace of 7:42 miles. Didn't feel too too hard. That was followed by an 8 miler, a 5 mile recovery and a 9 miler this morning.

I'm not looking forward to the mini heat wave heading this way. It's calling for three days of 30C with humidex even higher. I think it'll remind me why I wake up so early to run once it gets hot.

I've been studying the schedule and I'm getting my head around weeks to come, weeks that include a 15 miler mid week, with a 11 miler on another weekday. That's a huge commitment to get the extra miles in. It'll probably add up to a few extra hours of training a week compared with last year. Hopefully it starts to pay off.

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