Saturday, June 28, 2008

One does not belong

IMG00192, originally uploaded by yumkerun.

Running is going well. I'm on target for 65 miles for the week. Wednesday's 14 miler took a chunk of time, as was yesterday's 12 miler, both were done after work so that's any social engagements out the door. I may have to start scheduling in 4 a.m. runs to get my nights back.

I picked up my race packet for Tuesday's 10K HBC Run for Canada at the department store. Not a very efficient operation giving out the packs, but my goodness, that's a lot of swag here. Try to find the one thing that doesn't obviously belong, running being a celebration of fitness.


Sonia said...

OMG! I can't believe they give out condoms ;-) j/k

I'm guessing you mean the Werthers! lol

From what I heard, the race kit pickup issues we're only in Toroton and Ottawa, nowhere else!

I'll be at the Montreal one volunteering... Have a good race!

Arcane said...

I just got back from picking up mine. Pick up wasn't too bad for me. I took the subway down and was in and out of the Bay in 5 minutes. it was kinda in a cramped spot though.

Gotta be either the packing tape or the 3m removable hook, right? Also the dental floss was a bit weird, though I got a bunch of dental related stuff like mouth wash and toothpaste at the Napa marathon.

Anonymous said...

wow that is a lot of stuff. yeah i vote on the werthers candy.