Saturday, May 16, 2009

My minute of fame!

A nice surprise to see that Steve Runner of Phedippidations decided to mention my blog as the "featured blog of the week" at his podcast. A fantastic honour, I've listened to Steve's podcast for years and only recently I had a few mini conversations with him on Twitter (see Why runners should tweet).

Nine hundred or so posts ago, I don't think that one would describe this training diary as a "great blog with outstanding race reports" as Steve did, but hey, I'll take the praise! The podcast is here and although you WILL listen to the whole thing, he mentions this blog around the 52 minute mark.

See/hear the podcast here.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Nice! I've been meaning to check out that podcast.

Marlene said...

I definitely agree with Steve's comments. Congrats!

Arcane said...

i have to try and catch up on the podcasts. I've falling waaay behind. Congrats!

Sonia said...

WOW! You're a celebrity blogger =)