Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Running into the wind

Howling wind today made my run a little more fun than usual. I started out at a strong pace, maybe my legs were feeling strong after a few recovery runs. The first four was with the wind at my back, about 7:47 miles to 7:55ish for the first half of the 5 miler

Then turned around, and right into a crazy headwind. Decided to throw caution to it, and started angrily running right into it. Last two kilometres were nice and strong, the last at tempo-ish pace.


On another note, i'm very happy to see Garmin has opened up its Garmin Connect, allowing more Forerunners to connect to it. It also has a very cool RSS feed that I've stuck into my sidebar.

5 miles in 38 minutes (run details)


Marlene said...

Youu showed that wind who was boss! Impressive splits.

Thanks for the heads up re: Garmin Connect.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

that Garmin connect is pretty neat... just need to be able to run again to use it :) Nice job on the run!

Amy Reinink said...

Running into the wind makes me feel like I'm getting a strength workout in addition to the usual cardio blast. Tough, but fun -- and ego-boosting when you manage to go fast, anyway!