Monday, March 07, 2011

And no, I'm not the Easter bunny

Most spectators yesterday on the course, recognized me as the 1:45 pacer. Usually the chant was "go 1:45s!" which is the right way to cheer us on.

One woman said to no one in particular, "there's the Easter bunny", to which I had no reply. Anyways, I was checking out results from yesterday's half when I saw pictures are already processed. Wow, fast.

I didn't put the bunny ears until I got to the race site, so it's kinda nice to see what I look like.

The picture below is from the final 200 metres. I was just passing a runner with (I think) a Chicago Marathon jacket. There's a group of runners behind me, maybe I should have been with them instead.

And this sequence shot is funny, the guy I'm passing is looking at this crazy bunny beside him. Priceless that look.

And while we're looking at pictures of a blue bunny on a cold day, here's red bunny last October at Niagara Falls.


Laura said...

Awesome job again...don't know how you guys do it...

Marlene said...

I was so surprised to see the photos upo already! Those are some good ones.

Easter Bunny.... hmm, next time maybe you should carry some chocolate eggs.

EndorphinBuzz said...

Totally agree with Marlene about pacing bunnies providing their runners with chocolates throughout the race ;)

Good job even if you did leave your ducklings behind at the end ;)

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