Saturday, March 26, 2011

Down here by the Bay

Pretty much one of my favourite races tomorrow. Kicks off the racing season for good. Around the Bay 30K in Hamilton is becoming an annual must-do event.

I've run it in perfect weather, and in crappy rain. Tomorrow will be sort of between perfect and crap. Sunny, but bitterly cold. Nothing a few layers can take care of, I hope.

The image here shows, in the distance, the bay we're running around. I'm staying near the start/finish line and Copps Coliseum.

Still think it's pretty cool to finish in a hockey rink.

Shirts are okay this year. They went with Black and White for the men.

This week's been a busy week with work, but got about 20 miles before tomorrow. I may put in a few miles before the race to give me 40 miles on the week. I really could do more mileage but hey, balancing work.