Saturday, March 05, 2011

A sign of the time?

I'm hunkered down at my girlfriend's parents' place as they are graciously hosting this pace bunny before Sunday's half marathon 4K down the road from their Burlington house. While I'm all comfy, listening to the sounds of Trinidad Carnival drifting from the kitchen, I remind myself that outside, it's nasty.

Rainy. And windy too.

So here's the deal. In 14 hours, it will probably still be windy. That rain now pounding down may turn to snow, which may accumulate. And I still have to find a way to run even 5 minute kilometres for 21 tomorrow (after I run 5K to the start line). Okay, okay, yes, my half mary times are a lot faster than 1:45 and I run marathons at paces faster than 5 minute kilometres, but there is that X-Factor that all seasoned racers dread. Weather.

Or, as I told the Running Room pace bunny co-ordinator, who wished me luck when I picked up my sign, bunny ears and T-shirt, "It should be fun."

He picked up right away on that word. "Should eh?" he said, laughing.

Good thing that up to 4000 other runners will be lining up. Crowds always makes us run faster. Sure hope we have the footing to go along with our intended pace. Tomorrow, I'm going to channel the arctic hare.


Marlene said...

I'm looking out the window here in Newmarket and there is a LOT of snow on the ground. I'm really hoping Burlington is a lot less white this morning.

The wind is bad enough - really we don't have to deal with messy footing too.

Guess we will find out in a couple hours. See you out there.

Patrick said...

Good luck. The rain turned to snow overnight here in Ottawa. Mylong run today is going to be messy.

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