Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Donate to a good cause

Not much stops me from running the Spring Run-Off. It's one of those race days that I totally get into, doing the double for two years in a row.

I run for my sanity and health, and it was at Harry's where I caught the running bug.

On the hills of this park, where I ran my first road race, I've learned the value of community, that hard work are earned in the form of hill repeats and that good causes are always worth running for.

Harry's is a special run because it draws the running community out on what we all hope is the first perfect spring-like day. Nothing like the buzz of the crowd accompanying the bagpipes you hear near the start.

My company is a media sponsor, so I'm fundraising for a very good cause: the fight against prostate cancer.

If anything, sponsor me because it'll make me run up the hill just a little faster, cause it'll be painful to watch from the sidelines, almost worth the price of admission.

You can visit my sponsor page here. And thanks